Springtime in Paris

Ah, April!  The time for love to blossom in the city of love and light.  This kind of scene repeats itself often enough to remind us why Paris is such an icon of romanticism.


The sun came out today and began to warm things up.  We were able to put the Eiffel Tower in its proper springtime context.


Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure, this tree is what is commonly referred to as an “early bloomer”.  We found about three like this.  The most common view of the Eiffel tower would look like this:


It was cold.  Everyone was bundled up, as you can see.  Maybe we’ll move Anita’s birthday before our next birthday trip.  Or take our next trip on MY birthday.

But that didn’t keep people from coming out and enjoying the sunshine.  This little tyke was celebrating his birthday with a well-stocked picnic and dedicated photographer.


One more Eiffel Tower photo before leaving Paris.  Near the Alma bridge is a replica of the flame on The Statue of Liberty, placed there to memorialize Princess Diana, who died in a car accident nearby.  And in case you’re wondering why the connection to Lady Liberty, remember that she is the work of the French Sculptor August Bartholdi.

Tomorrow we’re giving the striking transportation workers a chance to prove their worth, taking the high speed TGV train (a redundant term,  I guess, since “TGV” means “high speed train”) to Avignon, where we rent a car and drive to Arles.  Wish us luck.


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