Reconstructing the Eiffel Tower

(Has it been over two months since I last posted?  Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess.)

If you are at all interested in Paris and its best-known landmark, no doubt you have seen images drawn from this classic photographic record.  I’m grateful someone had the presence of mind to set up a camera to record the event.  Not being one to be outdone, today I decided it was my turn.

Last Christmas, my daughter bought me a model of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, manufactured by ICONX.  (And I’m utterly independent of them, with no compensation arising from this mention.)  I had so much fun (does one really have fun assembling these things?) that I assembled a Millenium Falcon for my son’s housewarming.  And seeing the Christmas-New Year holidays coming, I decided it was time for my project: build the Eiffel Tower and record the event.  So here you go.  Notice the American quarter coin in the final one; by my calculation, this model is scaled 1:2551.



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