Wine Country Tour, Day Four: Transition

I went to bed tonight thinking I’d skip the blog today, since we are without wifi in our B&B here in Epernay.  But the muse is upon me and so here I am, consuming precious data in my personal wifi hotspot brought to me by my smartphone and mobile carrier, and the thousands of software engineers that live only to keep me up at night.

Today we rented a car at the shopping mall under the Louvre and made our way to Epernay, in the heart of champagne country.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  But at the car rental company, I discovered that Anita had stolen my credit card, cut it up into little morsels, and flushed it down the hotel toilet.  Doesn’t that sound more reasonable than my just admitting that I lost it it somewhere?  In any case, I couldn’t rent or drive the car.  Fortunately, Anita was at the ready.  Seriously, when you read the 3,000 year old passage about how a virtuous wife is worth more than rubies, it leaves out the three things that mattered the most to me today:

  • A virtuous wife is not afraid to drive in Paris.
  • A virtuous wife does not lose her driver’s license at a critical moment of a vacation.
  • A virtuous wife does not berate her husband for losing his.

And so I have found a virtuous wife.  You guys out there are probably squirming with jealousy right now.


Thanks to GPS, we found our way back from the Louvre to the hotel, recovered our bags, headed off for our drive to Epernay, wandered…  No, the French have a great word for it.  The word is flaner; it means to stroll, to amble, to give the appearance of aimless wandering when in fact one knows what one is about, but one has the time to do it slowly and with grace.  We flanered around Epernay for a while before finding our B&B, and our back yard:


The quiet is intense.  I listened carefully and the only sounds I could hear were the birds discussing the arrangement of their winter nests.  The grapes have been harvested, the leaves of the vines are abandoning all hope for the winter, and life is good.  And I have a chauffeur for the rest of the trip.

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