Daryl Lee, Storyteller

Note the change in the title of this blog.  The reason:

If you have been following this blog, you know that I have launched a new phase of my life, sometimes curiously called a “career”.  (Have you noticed that sometimes that word is a verb meaning to spin dangerously near loss of control?  Coincidence?  I think not.  But I digress.)  I have been absent for a few days while giving serious thought to what I want this blog to be.  In that process I thought back to what might have been seen at the time as an idle conversation about forty years ago.

At that time, I was a young electronics design engineer on a very large aeronautics project.  I knew two mechanical engineers on that project who had nothing in common except the spelling of their degrees.  Robert (for that is the name I’ll give him) could often be seen here and there with a clipboard, pens and pencils in his white shirt pocket, wearing nice slacks, possibly a tie, and polished shoes.  He spent his days collecting data, analyzing the results, and summarizing them for the senior design team.  Tom (for that is the name his parents gave him) could never be seen unless you actually went to his corner of space, where he was crouched over a drafting table in his polo shirt, bluejeans, and hiking boots, making drawings suitable to go out to a machine shop so parts could be fabricated.

Tom was in my carpool.  One day on the way home from work, I asked him to explain the difference between Robert and him, since they were so different but with the same degree (for I was young and naive).  He responded simply, “He tells stories and I draw pictures.”

And now, forty years later, I want to be Tom AND Robert.  But since I can’t draw my way out of a wet paper bag, I shall be using my camera and digital darkroom.  I hope to keep the stories interesting and the pictures relevant.  Wish me luck!

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