Where’s the hare?

Today’s assignment in Developing Your Eye II was “Moment – Capture Motion”.  Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1726) is widely acknowledged as the father of the concept that all motion is relative to something.  One of the traditional symbols of lack of motion is the tortoise or turtle (bonus points if you know the difference).  But not an absolute lack of motion, like a rock (okay, all you physicist wannabees out there, I know that the phrase “absolute lack of motion” is problematic–just go with me here, if you don’t mind), but a serious lack of motion relative to something fast, like a rabbit or hare (more bonus points if you know the difference).  In fact, we have in western literature a famous story attributed to the Greek storyteller Aesop about a tortoise and a hare and their respective approaches to speed.

So I decided to use the winner of Aesop’s race as an example of motion.  It turns out, dear reader, that a young turtle is quite a mover.  Here’s Seymour showing his stuff.


Seymour, the racing turtle

I didn’t put a clock on him, but I did have to use the “continuous” mode on my camera, because this little guy can motor!  My able assistant was close at hand to keep Seymour from running off the cliff and putting his racing career at serious risk.


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