No Pets Allowed

Today’s assignment in the Developing Your Eye II series was “Scale”.  The general idea is to use known elements of the image to give the viewer an idea of the scale of another element.  The description gave an example which you can see here.  I decided to use this opportunity to explain myself to people who don’t understand why I’m not a pet owner.

Take cats, for instance.  Yes, they can be cuddly, when it is convenient to them:


But that’s rare.  Most of the time their self-absorption isn’t rewarding to you, the so-called “master”.  Like occupying your favorite chair when you just want to settle down and read a little French philosophy:


And when you have guests in for dinner, they want to join you, and you don’t want your guests to think you don’t love your cat, so you get this:


So you think you’ll solve these problems by making it an outdoor cat, right?  Not so fast.  They scare the birds away from your birdbath.


So that’s it.  No pets for me, thank you.  I know this is the internet, which is supposed to be cat-friendly, but I can’t help that.  And this is from someone who has provided food and shelter to: dogs, cats, a snake, rabbits, birds, fish, an iguana, a wife, and two children.  I’ve earned this.

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