Two mysteries

Today’s Developing Your Eye II assignment was “Mystery”.  I think the planners wanted me to try my hand at some kind of artistic, maybe even abstract, photo that was to evoke a sense of mystery in the mind of the viewer.  But as I passed this cemetery, the view trapped my own mind into another thought.


In the distance are the Sandia Mountains, kind of the tail end of the Rockies right here in the Duke City.  I think often of the question asked by the early European explorers to North America.  “What lies beyond that range of mountains?”  “What is on the other side of this great river?”  Those are mysteries that are no more.

But the cemetery in the front reminds me of the greatest mystery of them all: what lies beyond the grave?  Philosophers have pondered this since time immemorial, but the mystery lives on.

My promise to you is that tomorrow’s blog will be a bit brighter!

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