Sunrise in the Sandias

For a guy who spent nearly sixty years living in high humidity parts of the U.S., life in the high desert is a daily surprise.  One of the side effects of low humidity is a wide swing in the daily low and high temperature–a 30-degree swing is normal.  But today was unusual: we went from 59° F to 108° F in the space of about nine hours.  So today’s Developing Your Eye II assignment for “Warmth” led me to seek the moment when that daily warmup was just getting started.  This being just a couple of days after the summer solstice meant that sunrise would be the earliest of the year (delayed even longer by the cloud blanket beyond the mountains).  It would also appear at the northern end of the Sandias; six months from now it’ll be way down at the southern end.  Can’t you just feel that early morning chill giving way to a hot summer day?


Sunrise at the north end of the Sandias

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