A little color

It is a tradition in the United States that governments have certain emblems: the state tree, the state song, the state this, the state that.  I’ll bet your state doesn’t have “the state question”.  New Mexico does.  The state question in New Mexico is “Red or Green?”.  It is asked every time you order food in a restaurant that serves New Mexico cuisine, which is a variant of Mexican food that is, like any regional cuisine, noticeably different from its neighbors, like Texas’ “Tex Mex”.  When you order enchiladas here, you have a choice of red chile sauce or green chile sauce, green chile being a state specialty.  So the server simply says “Red or Green?” and you choose one.  But you don’t have to be so banal.; “both” is a reasonable choice.  As it is in my garden:


Hollyhock just before its summer fade.

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