The ties that bind

Today’s Developing Your Eye assignment was “Connect”.  I solicited some ideas from my wife and as soon as she said “railroad” I knew where to go for the photo and what to say about it.  Or so I thought.  Here’s the traditional view of a railroad track, and just looking at it you know it’s connecting you to some place beyond the horizon.  But continue reading below the picture for the thought that I had while taking the picture.


Move your eyes away from the vanishing point and look at the very near foreground.  What do you see?  Ties that bind.  Railroad tracks don’t work without these devices that not only form the foundation for the tracks, but also hold the rails a strict distance apart (1.435m in the U.S.).  It’s worth noting that the ties keep them from getting too far apart, but also keep them from getting too close.  That may be a good metaphor for life’s relationships.  What do you think?

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