Two favorite streets

In case you’re curious, I’m diligently following WordPress’ program Developing Your Eye.  I think I know where all the buttons and switches are on the camera, but seeing where the pictures are in front of me is an area I need work on.  Today happens to be Day Two: Street.  This is a nice challenge for a couple of reasons.   One is that I still have a day job, and wandering the streets of Albuquerque looking for just the right shot is out of the question.  Plus, I’m trying to stay on track with the daily assignments, so I needed something today.  During my lunch break I planned where to go to find streets with a little zing to them.  And for my tastes, that means Old Town.  Some of the buildings there are over 300 years old, and there are almost always people.  And the center of Old Town is the plaza.


But no question about it, the best place in the world for street photography is Paris, France.  In December 2015, Anita and I booked a room in a nice old hotel on the other end of Rue St. Andre des Arts from Fontaine St. Michel.  One drizzly night walking down that street to get back to our nice, cozy room, I captured this scene:


So let me know what you think.  I’m two days down, eight to go.

2 thoughts on “Two favorite streets

  1. Nice shot of the street in France. It made me smile because there are so many things not-french inside; especially the signs calling “Guiness” or “Maison de Gyros”.


    1. Then you really would have enjoyed having lunch with me at a cafe in Lyon during the World Cup in 2014–across the little lane for an Irish Pub packed with crazy soccer (football is, if you prefer) fans!


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